What I’m Into – July 2013

My friend Carrie texted me a couple of days ago and scolded: “It has officially been over a month since you posted on your blog. I’m issuing a complaint.”

I knew it had been awhile,  but I didn’t realize I’d crossed over the month mark.  I think when you take that much time away, it’s hard to know how to come back. Should I explain myself? Should I write about what happened in the month all at once?  It’s kind of like when you don’t see a friend in a few weeks and it isn’t necessarily that you’d been purposely avoiding her, but life got busy and you got distracted, and now you’re in the place of being just kind of like “It’s time” again. It’s time to give your friendship some energy and life again. Apologies aren’t necessary, though it’s probably helpful, but now you have this understanding that the season of silence is over and it’s time to put things back on track.

Like it is with an old friend, I’m hoping things pour out again organically, one story and one post at a time. And with a whole lot of grace.

So, let’s start here, where it’s easy, where I link up again with my friend Leigh and share What I’m Into right now, where we have some fun.

HopefulLeigh_What I'm Into


My friend Beth, knowing I have a thing for Nathan Fillion and knowing that the new movie is coming out in the next couple of weeks, told me I had to read the Percy Jackson series.  “They’re just fun,” she said.  And she’s right. Percy Jackson is a loveable hero with ADHD and dyslexia, and Riordan writes in such a way that you can visualize what Percy and his pals are up against on every page.  (The movie, btw, is nothing like the book.  Though Logan Lerman is well cast as Percy, it’s helpful to think of them as their own thing because the plot lines aren’t even close to how situations play out in the books.  Fun movie, though.)

Castle...er, Hermes.
Castle…er, Hermes.

I also re-read Lauren Winner’s Still. I read it so fast the last time and so much has happened since then that I find that it’s meeting me differently this time, in the best possible way.  I know what it is to sit in a place and not know if you’ve left God or He’s left you.  I know what it is to be in a spiritual “middle.” I know what it is to ask these questions.

What happens in conversion – at least, what happened in mine – is that a person concludes that the truth is in Jesus. That conclusion will carry you to baptism; it will carry you to church, or back to church, or to your knees. But then where does it take you? Or, more precisely, how does it take you? How do you continue to allow the truth that is Jesus to be your rudder?

I didn’t read a ton of blog posts in July, shying away from even some of my favorites, the ones who tell their stories and ask their questions with such honesty that you just know God is working in their hearts. It’s all just felt like too much pressure on my heart, which in the last couple of months hasn’t had such bravery. Maybe next month I’ll have some good links to throw out there, but not this month. Not this month.


I have been in full-on geekdom this month.  Two of my girlfriends and I have been getting together on the nights that our Bible study would meet had we not taken a sabbatical for the summer, and we’ve taken down the first season of New Girl (which I watched through again already) and have started in on Firefly.  Now I don’t know if I love Nathan Fillion more for Richard Castle or Capt. Malcolm Reynolds.  Also, five seasons of Chuck in two weeks.  I don’t know whether to be appalled or proud that I caught more jokes than I missed.  Also, I could marry a man like Zachary Levi.  So, I guess I have no choice to admit that I’m one of the Nerd Herd.

Nerd Herders unite!
Nerd Herders unite!

Also, the BFF and I went and had a BFF date to see Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy in The Heat. First of all, it was the perfect movie to see with a girlfriend because the friendship between the characters is the heart of the story – and you know I’m a sucker for that.  Second of all, it’s just funny.

The stuff of friendship.
The stuff of friendship.


For all of the traveling I’ve been doing, I hadn’t yet made it to the beach in a place where I didn’t need a sweatshirt (Maine in early June is cold).  So, three of my girls and I decided to change that and spent a day at Bethany Beach. And it was perfect! It was the kind of day where we laughed from the moment we left to the moment we got home; it was the kind of day where we just enjoyed being together. It was the kind of day that reminded me when I most needed the reminder that pouring into the lives of students matters, that it’s worth it, and that while it would be easy to write that season of my life off as tainted…it isn’t.  It was a time as beautiful as the young ladies I got to share it with.

Beach Day

7 thoughts on “What I’m Into – July 2013

  1. Maybe I’ll have to try Percy Jackson. I love YA literature, especially fantasy fiction, so it might be right up my alley. I actually thought the movie was awful, but if you say the book is nothing like it, I’d be willing to give it a try.

    1. I liked Mudhouse Sabbath, but it definitely didn’t reach into my life the way that Girl Meeta God did when I was in grad school, or the way Still is now. I think if you liked Girl Meets God, then you should read Still. Actually, maybe read it anyway because it’s one on the more honest books I’ve read, probably ever. And selfishly, I’m curious about what you make of it.

    1. Thank you, friend! Also – I’m surprised by how much I like Chuck given all the cheesiness, but…Zachary Levi wins. And Adam Baldwin in that show totally reminds me of my dad, in like a crazy scary way. Might be the holding of government secrets and all, but I’m just guessing. 🙂

  2. This is the perfect kind of post to write when you’re wading back into blogging waters. I hope you take good care of yourself as you’re figuring stuff out. I still haven’t read Still but it’s getting closer to the top of the stack. Chuck is the best!!!!!!!

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