It’s about patience

I sent out a tweet last night, in the middle of a text-versation with a friend who lives very far away and who knows me really well.  I told her about this thing that’s going on in my life, and she told me, “So then, it’s about patience.” And so, I tweeted:

Patience tweet

Because my friend who lives very far away was the fourth person this week to tell me that this thing is something God is using to teach me patience, and that I can’t just bow out because then I would miss the lesson.

And I see how much this sucks because I really am THE WORST at being patient.  (Ask anyone who rides shotgun in my car when I-95 is backed up.)


Then, this morning, this image posted on my Facebook wall from a friend I haven’t seen in many moons:

Patience FB graphic

If anyone asks me why I’m a social media junkie, I’m going to remember this moment and this image and this lesson on patience. Because it’s important, and worth remembering.

Because this thing, this thing about patience that I’m supposed to be learning, is really about faith, and is little bit about hope, and is a whole lot about prayer.


The image from Facebook trivializes so much of what I’m thinking, but basically what I’m thinking is: Yes, God’s got it.

I’ve never been one to put much stock in the idea of anything being “meant to be,” because it sounds so trite and so predestined and so like it’s not going to take a lot of hard work.  Except…now I have this thing in my life, and I really do feel compelled into it, and I really do believe that the Holy Spirit is prompting me into this thing that’s going to make me a little bit more like Jesus.  And while I wouldn’t use this language ordinarily, I guess I do have to admit that I believe it’s “meant to be” because I believe that God is in it so deeply, and that He’s working in me through it in a way that He could through nothing else.

If that’s true, if I believe this thing is of God and that He’s leading me somewhere good by it, then I have no choice but to be patient. And have faith. And hold hope.  And pray.


So maybe when we talk about patience, what we’re actually talking about is taking a breath in the belief we have in God’s good leading.  Maybe we’re saying that something is happening that is giving us the chance to sit with God in prayer, to talk to Him like we’d talk to our best friend about whatever it is and how it’s making us feel.  Maybe, just maybe, what we’re telling each other when we’re telling each other to be patient is actually to rest in who Jesus is and how He’s moving in our lives.

Because… yes, God’s got it.

And… hang in there. It’s about to get so, so sweet.

You are being sanctified.  You are being made more like Jesus.

(But real talk, let’s do something about those slow drivers on I-95…)

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