An ordinary Sunday

I didn’t go to church today.

I meant to, I really did. But, I didn’t make it.  Not today.

I meet Amy and Mike at their house every Sunday morning now.  We carpool to church together, since I pass their house on the way to the big church and because we like spending time together.  Usually I have a cup of coffee and a chat with Mike while Amy finishes getting ready or is making sure everything’s set before the grandparents get there to babysit. But, the grandparents were out of town this weekend, and the baby is either teething or going through a growth spurt and didn’t sleep well, and by the time Amy finally trudged downstairs this morning we were already thirty minutes late.

So, we didn’t make it to church. Life got in the way. It happens sometimes.


It tastes as green as it looks.
It tastes as green as it looks.

So, I poured myself another cup of coffee and Mike decided to make kale-and-banana smoothies.

And while we drank our smoothies, which tasted mostly like grass and a little bit like oranges and nothing like bananas, Amy decided we should go to Panera for lunch.  And so we did, because the baby had a new booster chair that demanded to be taken out and broken in.

We sat and ate and talked about my book and, subsequently, church and friendship.  And we made faces at the baby, just to get her to giggle.

And somehow on this Sunday, we still managed to break bread together.  And it didn’t matter to any of us that it was the baguette that came as the side to Amy’s salad.


It was a completely ordinary Sunday.  What we did today could’ve happened just as easily on a Wednesday or a Friday. And I love that, because what we did today is actually a pretty good picture of our friendship, of lives lived side-by-side in a daily kind of way.

Because we have make room for each other, and we have to let life get in the way sometimes.

Today, I made room for their family to make sure the baby got space and time to at least try to sleep, and they made room for me to talk about my book. We adjusted the plan and bent when we needed to, and we were present to the day and what God had to offer to us in it.

Today didn’t offer us a sermon or sitting in the big church with hundreds of other people.  Instead, it offered us each other, slowed-down and present, and grateful to be together even though we didn’t make it church.

And I realize that after the internal chaos and isolation of last week, after having to do it anyway so much, I needed today to be ordinary, even if I didn’t know it before we missed church.

Because I needed to be slowed down.  I needed someone to make room so I could think out loud some of the pieces of my book, so I could remind myself why I’m doing the work of writing in the first place.  I didn’t need hundreds of people in chairs singing worship songs and listening to a stellar sermon, although most Sundays I do need that.  Instead, today I needed a day with three of my favorite people and a kale-and- banana smoothie.

Today, I needed an ordinary Sunday.

Thank God life gets in the way sometimes.

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