What I’m Into – December, 2012

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Dude, what a month December has been.  I’ve been so busy revamping my life that I haven’t had much time for books or TV or movies.  Revamping my life is what I’ve been into in December, because I refuse to go into the New Year weary and ragged.

And though I haven’t had a ton of time for movies or books or TV, it’s not going to stop me from linking up with my buddy Leigh for this month’s “What I’m Into” sharefest.   So…


I’m still working my way through all things Ann Rinaldi, this month taking down “Time Enough for Drums.”  Another great one about the Revolutionary War and about finding love (romance, friendship, and family) in chaos.

And for Christmas, my aunt got me a couple of books on kayaking.  She says she wants me to be prepared before I put my boat in the water, but I got distracted by the discovery that you can build your own wooden kayak. One day, my friends, you’ll see that that in the “doing” section of a warm-weather “What I’m Into” post.


With all the Christmas specials on TV this month, I haven’t been watching much.  Admittedly, my Castle obsession has only gotten worse and I’ve been back-tracking to catch the episodes from early seasons that I’ve missed.

At the beginning of the month, in those late night hours that are really very early morning, I got sucked into a documentary on MTV called Catfish and have subsequently been watching Catfish: the TV Show.  It’s about people who meet and fall in love online, and the train wrecks that happen when they meet in real life and one of the people isn’t who they presented themselves to be on Facebook.  (I take solace in the fact that my guilty pleasure is not Teen Mom.)

And for the first time in many moons, I went to the theater, dropped $10 on a ticket, and saw The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  Since I read the book in 6th grade and pretty much think Tolkein is the most boring writer in the history of the world, I was glad not to have remembered much of the plot when I saw the film.  I could actually enjoy it and enjoy it I did – minus the Orcs; they’re just creepy.


Awesome finds on Noisetrade again this month.  JJ Heller released a sampler of 8 of her songs, 3 of which are new songs to be found on her March 2013 release called “Loved.”  And if these 3 songs are any indication, it’s going to be a good one!  Also, for a short while, Donald Miller shared his audiobook Through Painted Deserts, which recounts his experience of roadtripping from Texas to Oregon with his buddy Paul in a beater Volkswagon van. It should shock no one that his story of friendship and self-discovery resonated with me.


I joined a gym and started working out with a trainer last month, so I’ve been working out regularly, eating smarter, and generally having a good time getting healthy.   In this vain, I’ve started training for a half-marathon and running more than I ever have in my life.  And I’m seriously considering giving the Warrior Dash a go with my uncle and my cousin in May, but given the amount of mud involved, I’m less excited about that idea.  I like being clean so very much.

So, poll time:  to be a warrior or not? And what’s your favorite workout music?

6 thoughts on “What I’m Into – December, 2012

  1. Can’t answer either of your questions, but I saw a most interesting and beautiful kayak last summer on the Ohio. An older woman (older than you, I mean – more my age) pulled up, stepped out and lifted it out of the water. When I remarked about it, she said she made it herself! I applaud your aspiration!

  2. MTV sucked me into watching Catfish, too! But I haven’t watched any of the shows. Such a strange and sad story. Good for you on working with a trainer! I’m in awe of your goals. I’m not a runner at all and even though I made an attempt to start a year ago, an old knee injury disagreed. Maybe someday. I think the Warrior Dash would be, at the very least, a great story. Go for it!

    1. Yeah, my knee is my concern. There’s some ways I’m working around it and I’m not sure how much I’ll hang as a runner once the half is over, but I just want to be able to say I did it. (And put the 13.1 magnet on the back of my car.) And I am leaning toward running the Warrior Dash for exactly that reason – because it will make for a good story…and pretty epic photos, I’m guessing. 🙂

  3. Love ‘Through Painted Deserts’. Probably my favourite Don Miller. Great to read all that you’ve been into this month. This link-up is the greatest. 🙂

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