She’s my person

To Joylynn, on her 29th birthday, a photo homage to friendship:

We met when we were nineteen, when we still listened to Creed and couldn’t be bothered to pluck our eyebrows.

Her face is in every frame of my college experience, and I dare to think who I’d be if she hadn’t introduced me to Tommy Boy and Orange County, Blessid Union of Soul and Grits, Friends and Grey’s Anatomy, Texas Hold ‘Em and beef jerky.

I dare to think who I’d be without her.

And when we graduated, she stayed in Michigan and I moved home to Maryland, and at the time it felt like continents might as well separate us. But, we learned quickly that when you share dorm rooms and inside jokes and yourselves with one another, there’s no distance that can separate that kind of friendship.

Because when you’re friends, really friends, you show up for each other.  You fly across the country for graduations, let’s say.  And you smile and laugh and celebrate together. Because that’s just what friends do.

And when you’re 29, you find that ten years doesn’t really change how ridiculous you are together.

Thank God for that!

“She’s my person…..If I murdered someone, she’s the person I’d call to help me drag the corpse across the living room floor…she’s my person” – Cristina, “Grey’s Anatomy”

Happy 29th birthday, and happy 10 years of of personhood! 🙂

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