Thoughts from Lauren Winner: Being the apple

From Girl Meets God.

Lauren Winner says you would’ve thought that her mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or that her house had burned down or that her best friend died in a car crash, the way she cried  in church one morning.

I know that kind of crying because I’ve done that kind of crying. I did that kind of crying two weeks ago after simply being asked how I was “really doing.” The question came from someone I knew really cared about getting the answer, and it undid me.  Because my answer was, quite simply, “I am not okay.”  I said it out loud, and that confession somehow gave my physical self permission to respond in kind.

And I know in my deepest places of myself  that’s what that awful Wed was about:

I was the apple, and He was the paring knife. God was stripping away more of my everything.

And it certainly wasn’t pleasant.  But, it was good.

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