Friend and Family

“Matt and I have a friendship that is sixteen years old. We met in youth group as middle schoolers, and I was good friends with his sister and I didn’t pay him much attention because he was friends with my brother and they were more than a little annoying. Most middle school boys are, I suppose. And they smelled, like lunch meat and feet, which did nothing to elicit a want for relationship. So, in middle school, Matt hung with other smelly, annoying boys and I hung with his older sister and held up my nose because I was too young to know that it is entirely possible to gain a whole lot from being friends with a smelly, annoying boy…”

Today I’m guest posting at my friend Alise’s as a part of her series on cross-gendered friendships. I couldn’t pass up the chance to give words to one of my dearest friendships, one that I thank God for every day. To  read the rest of it, you’re gonna have to go to Alise’s page, though, and read “Smelly, Annoying Boy.”  Make sure to stop by and leave a comment!  🙂

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